Bingo Cataratas

Game Description

Bingo Cataratas is played by placing a bet and selecting up to 4 bingo cards to play with, then 31 random balls will be released. Each card contains 15 numbers, if the randomly drawn numbers complete a winning pattern in any card, you will be a winner.

10 different winning pattern are offered and the winning prize will be based on the player stake, one of the winning pattern will launch a bonus game.

Game information
4 cards, 3 rows, 5 columns and 60 of 90 numbers selected to fill the cards, each card holds 15 unique numbers.

General Features

Game Play: 31 balls are drawn randomly from a pool of the 60 selected numbers on the cards.

Autoplay: game can be played in auto play mode.

Change cards: Player can get new bingo cards by clicking on “Change Cards” button. Change numbers randomly select 60 out of the 90 possible numbers.

Extra ball: 12 extra balls are available if there is only 1 number missing from a pattern each at additional cost, so players will have more chances to win the big prizes.

Bonus: One of the winning patterns launch a bonus game instead of a fixed prize. The bonus game consist in a wheel of fortune that can be spin and awards a prize, there are 10 spots at wheel.