The New Baccarat

Game Description

Do you Love playing cards? Baccarat is just the perfect game for you! Filled with emotion, expectation and huge prizes!

A game where you can spend hours of fun using your cunning and intelligence so you can be the winner.

With a fresh new look and modern style, baccarat is definitely the game you love. It’s amazing sound effects will bring to your mind the perfect Casino environment and will make you enjoy a game that has it all.

The rules and the gameplay are the same but it is modern and easy to play. So whether you are and expert or a beginner you can play Baccarat.

Try it in your pc or mobile device. Play Baccarat everywhere you go, anytime and make your time worth a lot of money!

Special Features:

“Bead Plate” and “Big Road” are two new features, which record outcomes during gameplay.  This way they provide a visual of what´s happening to help players decide what their next bets should be.
Although Big Road is similar to the Bead Plate, it tracks who is winning using the same color system changing columns when the winner of the round changes.
You can also disable this option but you´d better take a look to the Dragon Tail when it appears, as if you are superstitious this means you’ll be lucky!

On the other hand, Bead Plate records the outcomes of each hand in a simple way, which is represented with a colored circle.

Deal- Deals cards at the start of a hand, after the player has added chips to the available bet spots.
Clear All- Removes placed bets.
Undo- Undoes the last action (including Clear All)
Re-bet- If a previous round has been played and there are no bets placed, then the Re-bet button is enabled.
Re-bet ×2- As above, however this will double the previous bet.